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This entry was posted in Hifi and tagged 6sn7, amp, audio, kt88, tube by admin. (After building the receiver I found that the 6SN7 worked better than the 6SL7). Inexpensive adapters are available on eBay Audiophiles may have their own favorite dual triodes, ranging from exotic European types like the ECC40 to the rugged industrial types like the 5687. com. 6SN7 or 6SL7 driver stage in SRPP mode. If you own one of my preamps and pay the return shipping I will modify it for you and provide a 6BY5 tube for $75. Product Quantity: 10 Units in Stock. Even better, but you need adapters are the 6J5-GT's each of which equals one half of a 6SN7. Before we go into the details, I want to emphasize that every 300B tested had the typical 300B sound character. Can you hear the difference between 60 year-old American made Tung-Sol tubes and 1 year-old Russian Tung-Sols? In this listening Shuguang Brand 6N8P Military J Level Vacuum Tube VaIve Instead of 6H8C ECC32 CV181 6SN7 B65 Made in 1960s for HiFi Hi-end Amplifier Audio Senior Player Headphone Pro-amp Fever Acoustic DIY Lab 1pc 5. Depends what you are using them for. The 6SN7GT tube type was formally registered in 1941 by  13 Jun 2012 That being said, the tonal and other characteristics seem to translate well to my headphone amp and headphones. Tube Testing Equipment. He seems solid based on length in business and feedback. . But we benefit from the arms race. The transformer is a custom R-core power device designed to our own specifications. I've bought a pre with 6SN7 tube. 6 Feb 2011 The Tungsol has a firmer and meatier bass and a thicker midrange. Each. I decided to use a 6SN7 tube rather than a 6SL7 tube. May 07, 2020 · This is a very high quality 6SN7. Here we have an extremely unusual little single ended 6SN7 amplifier. Featuring two triodes in a glass envelope with an octal base, the 6SN7 is one of the most popular dual triodes ever made. Unfollow tung sol 6sn7 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. NOS 5692 is the tube to use, when you want the BEST 6SN7 ever made. The Raytheon's have a best all around sound in my opinion and the to the 6F8G tubes, which I found to be better than any 6SN7 I ever tried! 13 Feb 2020 A "better" 6SN7, but it has a plate cap and a grid cap, and only one NOS 5692 is the tube to use, when you want the BEST 6SN7 ever made. We carry all of the major brands in NOS, vintage and New Production vacuum tubes. Using the Darkvoice with HD-6XX and HE-4XX, the HD-6XX sounds magical for vocals but sometimes snares can hit just a bit too hard and it ends up sounding uneven. Cryogenic Treating. 6SJ7 vs. Drop-in compatible replacement for most any circuit calling for glass or metal 6Sn7 type tubes. Jan 22, 2005 · What are the 5 or 10 best sounding 6SN7’s? Manufacturer / Physical Description / Year I’m trying to find good sounding 6SL7’s for my EAR HP4 by identifying great sounding 6SN7’s and then trying to locate a corresponding 6SL7. Michael Schlör. 95. 0 out of 5 stars 1 Shop our great selection of 6SN7, 5692, 6F8G, 6H8C, CV1988, CV278, ECC32 vacuum tubes now. The sound signature is on par with 5692 types. . Posts: 482. Mar 08, 2020 · I've not been using any of these 6SN7 and 7N7 tubes since I sold my Lyr 3, so I'm putting them for sale (continental US only). If I'm interpreting the manual correctly, the only difference in the circuit would be the need for a 12. You can find matched pairs on ebay. By looking at the internal plate structure, it is more of a European tube structure rather than North American 6SN7. However, it cannot be tested accurately on any average 6SN7 tester. View Russian 6SN7 / 6H8C tube Selling a very rare matched pair 6sn7. I will entertain offers for multiple tubes. You really can't use a 6SN7's in circuits designed for 12AX7's because the tubes do not have the same electrical characteristics. The specs of the 6SN7 are closer to the 12AU7, not 12AX7. I sold my Rogue 99 and now don't need these. Shop the top 25 most popular d810k013bzkb4, ztp7193, a6 Every day you’ll find new, online-only offers, store discounts and the opportunity to save even more by collecting coupons. DALE : The god dam " NORTH POLE " . Some have branding other than RCA, but are RCA manufactured. Two 6SN7 drivers, while second due to the operating point is mainly a phase inverter, but still – it amplifies the signal a lot. We were happy to arrange another party of blind test of tubes last Saturday. The 6SN7 is a low gain dual triode tube introduced in 1939. You guys rock. I'd prefer to sell the lot what's left in one go for $200 $60 for Friends and Contributors. They are strikingly beautiful with their gold metal and ceramic bases, quaint shape and gold markings. There was a shoot out in the US,so what else is new there is a shoot out every minute,of 6SN7's and the Ken Rads were best in show followed by vintage Sylvania's. If you get the metal base versions with hole plates, these are excellent. Telefunkens are the best imho, and they have a smaller plate structure. I need some direction as to which 6sn7 to use as the power tube. Electrical parameters are 100% identical. 6SN7 and ECC33 tube types. Product Model: PSVANE 6SN7-SE. Sovtek and EH 6550: These are the same tube and both are boxy. _____ * For some more data points, Create Audio's 300B has many similarities with the best of the modern Czechs, i. Custom 6SN7 Preamplifier This is the finest preamp that I have ever heard! NOTE: I have modified the preamp to take a 6BY5 rectifier because it sounds better and you can source 6BY5 tubes for $12 or less. Great Sound Quality / Matched Pair TESTED ON AMPLITREX AT-1000, GREAT TUBES MADE IN USRR - 1. The 6SN7 is truly one of the tubes that built The Brimar sounds awesome - the best driver tube I've heard in this amp. The Shuguang 6SN7-SE Globe is 59mm diameter (twice the GT width) and 84mm tall (excluding pins, to nipple tip, 20mm taller than standard). But you may have to act fast as this top psvane 6sn7 is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. Bookmark the permalink . It is not necessary to use Western Electric 300B vacuum tubes. I’m quite sure we are familiar with 6SN7 vacuum tube, which is commonly used in pre amplifier and even a lot of amplifiers are using this tube in input/driver section. The 5687 was known by Mr. Rather I want to address the common problem folks find when installing their new or NOS 6SN7 tube. The information contained here is the best weapon tube lovers can use against such counterfeiters. Positive Feedback ISSUE 76 I discovered the 5814A from RCA is a bargain and the best sounding 12AU7 made in the USA! Same comment as 6SN7 type. setje 6sn7 rca uit  27 Jan 2011 In effect a long distance shootout between his TJ Full Music 6SN7, the best sounding of my NOS tubes Sylvania's Chrome Dome 6SN7 GTs. EML and EAT. Its large octal format is more rugged and less prone to intermittent pin connections than miniature type. Nov 27, 2011 #1. Still some tubes work better  World Best NOS 5692 6SN7 RCA Red Base Perfect Matched Pair Power Audiophile Tubes Audiophile Power Made in USA. Grading and Matching. As I have long collected this tube,wanted to get an idea of what others are using and try to come up with a consensus on the best 6sn7 drivers. We currently have two matched pairs available. I have tried all the best NOS except for the Tung Sol round plates, the metal based Sylvanias, the Brimars, and the Mullard ECC substitutes. This is a suitable replacement for any 6SN7GT = 6SN7GTA = 6SN7GTB = ECC32 Dual Triode tube type. 5692 tester setting are DIFFERENT from 6SN7, no matter what the tube uncle tells Jul 07, 2016 · It’s most common to upgrade the 6SN7 tube. May have to use the 6sn7 article in VTV # 11 as a starting point The limiting effect is in the driving tubes more than the output tubes (which are designed for the low B+), though 6SL7/6SN7 don't look too bad at that low of a supply. Hiroyasu Kondo of Audio Note Japan. Home › Preamp Tubes › 6SN7 / 5692 / CV1988 / 6N8. Aric~Audio Special 6SN7 for sale. Which tube would likely be best for the power tube and which is best suited for cascode. See under 6SN7GT. For Sale is the fantastic top of the line Sophia 6SN7 tubes. Take a 7N7, plug it into this adapter, and you have a 100% compatible 6SN7. It is still used in many high fidelity designs as a preamp and line driver tube and has excellent audio quality, Sep 28, 2012 · Now that comes with a price. It takes time to process all the photos. Tube fanatics that have been around for more than 10 years, or even better, the ones who were around in the 1950s, know that the 6SN7 is a much better sounding tube than the 12AU7. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details Both my Audio Mirror SET 45 mono-blocks and my Dennis Had Dragon Inspire use 6SN7 tubes. The 6SN7GT is an octal base medium-mu (20) [i. So tube at the inside is the same, for 6SN7 and 7N7. As Tim mentioned, being privileged as participants, I need to buy the tubes first before I report the event & my preference here. So even the most modest 300B should bring you some of that magic. Plate Current (max). Uses 6SN7 octal tubes, has dual mono regulated power supplies for each channel, for both B+ and filaments. The metal base Sylvania 6SN7W is regarded as the best sounding USA made 6SN7 variant of all times. Title: 6SN7GTB 6SN7GTA 12SN7GTA Author: General Electric Subject: JA-FP-2000-12-26 Created Date: 12/26/2000 8:40:34 PM Many dated 1948, this is the best 6SN7 tube RCA made, some say better than the 5692 type! Some of these have various other brands on the label, but are the genuine rare greyglass type. be best choice or are some of the more 1578 tube is also worth a try and a good 6SN7 replacement: But you may have to act fast as this top 6sn7 tube is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. This should drive any typical line, even one of extended length, without problems. Very late production ones have Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases Find a Gift Whole Foods Gift Cards Registry AmazonBasics Sell #FoundItOnAmazon Coupons Free Shipping Shopper Toolkit Disability Customer Support 6SN7 Tube This is a capsule review of how eight different 6SN7 tubes sounded in my system. More emphasis on high-current design The best 6SN7 is a 6f8g ;-) Identical, bar the pin out, easily remedied with an adapter. 6SN7 Sylvania: These vary quite a bit depending upon when the were made. In my Linestage, in my set-up, the Sylvania has the very best tone of them all. Ceramic base and top plate holders, one of The Best 6sn7! A metal version 6SN7 of this tube did never exist. 12 Sep 2018 My favorite is a vintage CBS/Hytron 6SN7GT. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. This is the RTF, made by telefunken. I've heard the KenRad 6SN7 VT 231 is supposed to be a bass-heavy tube but I haven't ordered one yet. The 7n7 is known to be more balanced than most of the NOS 6sn7's with better durability. The perfect gift for the musician that has everything. Westinghouse 6SN7 (*)These specifications are provided 'as-is', with no warranty of any kind. Common Questions About Vintage Raytheon 6sn7 Tubes. Update: There are now only 2 availabl MATCHED PAIR of late 1940s/ early 1950's closely, matched early production RCA 6SN7 twin-triode tubes. This type of amplifier, if properly designed and not overloaded, sounds pretty good to me. This had been the best sounding new production 6550 until the release of the JJ 6550. Its mu of 20 is a nice The 6SN7 tube is a dual-triode preamp tube with medium gain. TC Tubes Home > Popular Tubes > 6SN7 / 5692 tubes. Why We Don't Sell Certain Brands. Go to vouchers >> The term 'new old stock' refers to tubes or valves which are new but are from factories which have long closed down. The Northern Electric 6SN7 tube has large smooth box plates. With the revival of tube electronics for audio, the 6SN7GT became a major player again, due to its availability, and, most likely, due to its inherently good audio  The best advice is to get a few types and hear for yourself the good sounds you have been missing. If you're familiar with the latter two, transfer their sonic profile to Create's 6SN7. jpg Overall distortion peaks at 0. Very fast and extended and low noise. Back then this tube cost almost ten times as much as a typical 6SN7, and are very rare. com with top-selling d810k013bzkb4, ztp7193, a6 amp, 6h8c brands. Imagine the Sylvania VT-231. - Galen Carol 6SN7 aka CV181. 6SN7's surely have more body and texture to them then lets say the 12_ __7 family of tubes but in regards to 12SN7 just being the 12v version of the 6SN7 and are much less expensive then searching for NOS 6SN7's even though I have a lifetime supply of 6SN7's, I chose to go the 12SN7 route. aricaudio. Sylvania 6SN7-WGTB from the 1980’s for over $65. I found the Siemans 6CG7 to have a slightly higher ต. The Loctal base was an improvement, since it needs no soldering of the pins during production. These tubes sound great, they stay quiet and have been solid and reliable. 6SN7 is a dual triode vacuum tube with an 8-pin octal base. A wonderful tube substitute for the 6sn7. Is there any truth in it? I thought the RCA red base 5692 is the ultimate driver tube around. I can think of no other 6SN7 with more visceral energy then the Sylvania 6SN7W. Pair. Later produced ones are also of very good quality and usually have triangular shaped plates. EL34, KT88, KT120,KT150 compatibile. Fantastic separation of vocals and instruments with clarity and tone like you have never heard before. The Motherlode is a military-spec ultra high end preamplifier utilizing a separate dual power supply for the lowest May 28, 2015 · Hi, Folks! Before commenting on the sonic qualities of the new RCA "grey glass" 6SN7 driver tube from Vintage Tube Services, I wanted to mention a couple of things I inadvertently omitted from Part I of this review. Displaying products 1 - 12 of 12 results: Show: Sort: CBS 6SN7GTB - black plates, bottom getter A great tube for our Peak amp! We offer Sophia Grade A tubes - the best they have to offer. The JAN CHS 6SN7W Metal Base tube was made from 1942-1945. I used a 12AX7 for the first amplifier. I had a fair collection of  6SN7 and 6SL7 Valves sold at Hot Rox UK. The Constellation uses the excellent 6SN7 tube running in Class-A triode mode that is coupled to a fully-regulated power and heater supply. 2 The Bass is also the best and biggest of the three; quite detailed and tight 2020 popular d810k013bzkb4, ztp7193, a6 amp, 6h8c trends in Consumer Electronics, Amplifier, Home Improvement, Lights & Lighting with 6sn7 and d810k013bzkb4, ztp7193, a6 amp, 6h8c. AudioShark forum is a leading forum site for High End Audio Discussion, Stereo System Discussion, Home Theater System Discussion, Best Home Stereo System Discussion, Home Theater Installation Discussion etc. Posted on February 22, 2014 by . Nov 20, 2007 · I just currently finished a tube preamp using a 6SN7 dual-triode,I've heard of really good NOS tubes to use,like the RCA red base,Mullards,and other various tubes,but these are usually expensive. There is much to try out there, in some setups you might not notice much difference, sometimes in a circuit using a few 6SN7's changing one tube like the driver is enough. Output Tubes Looking for a jumping off point here. Up for sale is my personal "Special 6SN7" Linestage that was built specifically for myself, and features many upgrades over the standard Special Linestage on my website (www. Nov 08, 2003 · Tony: My JFL 6SN7 pre-amp is presently running a pair of NOS GE 6SN7 GTB'S that sound great. While the 6SN7 is not the super tube it was claimed to be, it is not bad either. Just like the 5692 (6SN7 version), these have 5 vertical support rods and extra heavy duty mica spacers for superior rigidity which result in superior microphonic performance. I'm Run at 250V (fairly typical) the 6SN7 could be biased around -8v (although typical applications are often less than this) while the CV181 probably benefits at half this for best linearity. 6SN7 Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by die Bullen, Nov 27, 2011. It was used in high fidelity designs at the time, televisions, as well as computers like ENIAC. The 6SN7 is an octal tube used either in preamps or as a driver in a power amp. It deserves a spot in the Tube of the Month series. About Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes. It means you can find tungsol round plate equivalents (and others) for a lower price. Again overly exaggerated. These 1944/45 NOS Tung Sol 6SN7's are probably the best around. The =C= has a nice balanced tone You searched for: 6sn7 tube! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. A. And now, I have another situation, my 6SN7 is made by Philips. Of course, taken close to its thermal loading limit, any tube's life time would be severely shortened. Patrick Turner. The 6SN7 is basically two 6J5 triodes in one envelope. There is a Nov 27, 2018 · Tung Sol black round plate is the best 6SN7 ever made IMO. We brought these tubes in on a whim because of their amazing build quality. Not sure what I'd pair it with either. It is still in current production, both in China and in Europe. The CG7/FQ7 have slightly lower Pda ratings than the 6SN7. EHX designs, manufactures, and engineers their tubes for demanding high fidelity and overall warmth. The responses we’ve had back from some of our customers have been outstanding with many claiming this is the best 6SN7 they’ve ever heard! Incredible sound stage and presence. this is our very best preamp, a 4 tube line stage only preamp, includes tube power supply, the best preamp I've ever built !! Same essential circuit design as our SP12 but with many improvements. 6v signal to the heaters on the 12SN7 vs 6. By the late '90's the 6SN7 tube made a The Northern Electric 6SN7 audio tube is made with the highest quality materials. From the glass bottle to the gold plated pins, everything is designed to give you unsurpassed audio quality. Many varieties exist, with Siemans NOS probably the best. All 12AT7 / ECC81 / 6201 / CV4024 12AU7 / ECC82 / CV4003 / 5814 12AX7 / ECC83 / CV4004 / 5751 6922 / 6DJ8 / 7308 / PCC88 6SL7 / 5691 Depends what you are using them for. I really love the pre, and how it sounds. Some might argue that it is the best general purpose dual triode ever made. 6sn7 by Hiep Nguyen. Best I've heard in my system are vintage Ken Rad 6SN7 VT231's. 20. Thanks for the excellent service - I will recommend you to others looking for tubes!" 6SL7GT Brimar 1950's - 1960's (BLACK BASE) - EAR HP-4 headphone amplifier - Eddie Current Zana Deux preamp - Canary 300B - Audio Space Ref 2 preamp TO BUY CV1985=6SL7GT Brimar UK Dec 26, 2014 · It’s always interesting to try something new – especially vacuum tube. Oct 15, 2017 · The sound of classic American tubes vs new Russian manufacture. I’m hoping the desirable qualities of the tubes will carry across to tubes in the same family. A happy middle ground was sought at 50% of the thermal rating to balance sonics against life time. The later 6N8 Russian tube is not the same as the 1578 and does not sound near as good. These factories such as Mullard, G. Many people think this is the best version of the 6SL7 ever made. After being overused and often in applications for which it is not well suited, it went a bit of fashion. Over DOUBLE the VTS price for this tube. Too lively in fact. Excellent driver tube in high-end audio applications. Important note about 5692 testing: This tube differs slightly from 6SN7, thought it is a replacement is almost any application. The 12AX7 spec octal equivalent is the 6SL7, and the 6SL7 tube definitely will not work. Sophia Electric 6SN7 tube does not look like a typical 6SN7. It's also considerably cheaper. Filament Voltage. This build will not only be about a great performing preamp but an extremely beautiful build. PSVANE 6SN7-SE hi-end Vacuum Tube Best Matched pair Electronic Valve. Midrange, as it usually is with Sylvania, is very liquid. They also look quite wonderful. You pay shipping and insurance (if any). 00 EACH! VTS doesn’t even sell tubes made in the 1980’s because the quality dropped too low for me to go! Octal Tubes (Small Signal) As the 6SN7 is an R. 1. Being a noob with tube gear I want forum members opinions on what would be the best choice to for improving the sound of my SET amps. Lowest noise and microphony with the tightest triode balance we have During the last decade the 6SN7 got some bad rap from the haters with claims of poor sound. For best performance you will want to used the best audio output transformers you can get your hands on. Sound-quality differences were by no means irrelevant, but were smaller in my experience than those between the best and the worst 6SN7 or ECC83/12AX7 that I have heard. for 6SN7 i preferred the Ken Rads or RCA Gray Glass but I also used a pair of TungSol black glass it's just they cost more than the amp itself . 6N8S 6SN7GT 6H8C Russian 6SN7 6N8C 6H8C 6SN7 6SN7GT, the best choice for audio, Tube, radio lampa Russian 6SN7GT equivalent, built to fullfill Russian Military standards, they are very quality built and sonically superior to today’s current production!!! YAQIN CD3 6N8P/6SN7 Stereo Tube Audio Upgrade Tube Buffer Processor (CD3) Features and Specifications: Manufacturer: AIMPIRE Product Dimensions: 10. MY TAKE: This may be the best 6SN7 available today, anywhere at any price - many Audiophiles believe the Sophia 6SN7 outperforms even the very best vintage NOS 6SN7! Listeners report more openness better clarity and lower distortion compared with their favorite vintage brands. Sometime you can get something from unknown thing. Fact 3: By the late 1960s, tube manufacturers were relabelling tubes willy-nilly in an attempt to minimise their losses in what was essentially a dying market. Use of these parameters shall be entirely at the user's own risk. RCA rated these tubes for 10,000 hours. They are used as drivers in my Rogue Audio Stereo 90 amp. Raytheon 6sn7 Tubes are dual triode vacuum tubes that have an 8-pin octal base. The 6SL7 could be regarded as the high mu companion to the medium mu 6SN7. When they decided to make the 6SN7 smaller for TV and other demands such as telephone repeater amps, they just stuffed the two halves if 6SN7 into the smaller bottle, and placed a screen between the two anodes on many but not all samples. 6SN7/CV181 6V6 805/805A 807/FU-7 811A/FU-811 812 845 EL34/6CA7 EL84 KT66 KT88 Psvane HiFi Series Replica Series Treasure MKII Series Treasure Series Golden Voice Shuguang Natural Sound Series Treasure Series Replica Series HiFi Series LINLAI TJ FullMusic Electro Harmonix Genalex - Gold Lion JJ Electronic MULLARD SOVTEK SVETLANA TUNG-SOL Tube Thanks to all who replied. Sylvania 6SN7W: Dynamics and slam. the 6SN7 is the best tube ever with exceptional linearity and sound. Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 EH Vacuum Tube Electro-Harmonix is rocking the vacuum tube community with the superior quality of the "EH" series tubes. 5692 Red Base. die Bullen Tele-Meister. S made)-- never ever try September 23, 2015 at 4:19 AM Joe said Our 6SN7 Tube Preamplifier with separate power supply has a sound that is just stunning. The 6SN7/12SN7 produce a gain of 10 when used in all positions, IIRC. All of these vintage tubes are excellent, much better than the   Tubes with part numbers beginning with 6SN7 Tube are in stock and ready to ship! JJ 6SN7. I’m discovering this is all very system dependant as well as personal preferance, this 6ssn7 is also full of pretentious thought based on rarity, value, geography, good and bad years and even NOS vs New stock. Gift Vouchers. USD $‎19. I use 6sn7 as driver tubes in my amp. If I were trying to design around 25L6 push-pull finals, I'd ditch the tone controls and go with a LTP input with a CCS tail and negative supply. C. World's Best 5692/6SN7 NOS 1959 RCA Red Base Dual Triode Perfect Matched Pair 5692 RCA Red Base Dual Triode Made in USA Superior designed for critical industrial applications where 10,000 hour life, close triode section balance, rigid construction, and stability are required. 11 thoughts on “ DIY KT88 + 6SN7 push-pull Amp / Part 1 ” triode such as the 6SN7, and no feed-back. The 6SN7 is a medium mu double triode. BUT, several have said this new EH-6SN7 is much better (as tony states) than the other samples so I imagine one day to hear it. Praxis has shown that a 6SN7 sounds its harmonic best when driven fairly hot. 139 results for tung sol 6sn7 Save tung sol 6sn7 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Based on my experience as an ordinary shopper, I highly recommend Grant Fidelity and their Psvane 6SN7. com). So If your 6SN7 run on higher anode V or that high -8V grid bias, installing the CV181 will require some adjustment. Discover over 649 of our best selection of d810k013bzkb4, ztp7193, a6 amp, 6h8c on AliExpress. Tube Basics and FAQ. Re: What's the best 6SN7? « Reply #17 on: Sep 05, 2006 at 02:05 PM » I have listened to different 6sn7s such as, EH, Philips, RCA 5962 red base, Sylvania, and cbs-hytron. We won’t get into which tube sounds best in this article though. The result of my efforts can be seen in these pages. Now imagine it with bass in spades! What you have is Sylvania 6SN7GT from this era, often reverently referred to as "Bad Boys. C, Telefunken, Siemens, Philips, General Electric and R. Priced per single tube. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The price listed is for one and there are 8 available. But the 6SN7GT is arguably the best general-purpose audio triode. pdf (66065 bytes) (de) Bold designators are close or identical, Italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. Some state this is one of the best sounding 6SN7. Shop with confidence. May 14, 2005 · Hence, if you intend to use the 5692 as a drop-in for a 6SN7 in an amp running 6SN7 voltages and currents, be prepared to have your 5692 last no longer than a normal 6SN7 at best. Text in other languages (may differ) 10 Tube prices (visible for members only) Taschenbuch zum Röhren-Codex 1948/49. 2A3 power tube in a single ended design and classic RCA operating point. So, only order tubes with 1578 in title from ebay. It is, in the proper circuit, a wonderful sounding tube, and audiophiles would do well to try the NOS vintage 6SL7 tubes before buying anything currently made You searched for: 6sn7! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. #N#6SN7: Courtesy Bureau Belper (De Muiderkring, Bussum), Scan Frank Philipse. Platinum grade - The best of the best. 6SN7 and 6SL7 Valves sold at Hot Rox UK. E. Nov 26, 2008 · Sylvania made many tubes, the famous "bad boys", 6SN7WGTA brown base and chrome top 6sn7's, all have their own sonic character, i find the chrome tops realy neutral. The 6SN7 has not been a common preamp tube for a while. My Ken-Rad and Sylvania are also very good. 450. We have started importing your albums. The EH has a good shimmery top end. One 6SN7 for 2 chanels. The best 6sl7 I have found is actually called the 6su7gty. Dear Sophia Electric, I bought six pieces of Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes ten days ago. For you solid-staters, let this be a (perhaps frightening) glimpse into that curious medical condition known as "Toob Madness". e. Sophia Electric 6SN7 for sale. 6dBv. Too much sybalance Ultra clear mids can sound thin. Current (new) production 300B tubes like the Electro-Harmonix 300B and the JJ 300B sound wonderful at a fraction of the Western Electric 300B price. V. This is one of the sources I have used in the past for some hard to find tubes. These are unused. Jeremy Fix Single Ended 6SN7. Joined: Mar 25, 2010 6SN7 Cathode Follower. Hi gm triodes provide the most gain, and the ECC82 or 6SN7 work remarkably well as cascodes. Electro-Harmonix tubes are among the absolute best. It was a commonly used tube from the early 1940's into the late 1950's. It went through a similar popularity cycle as the 6SN7. Tubes available are: Feb 06, 2011 · Vintage 6sn7 tube you shoud not try-- (any ge made 6sn7, tungsol 6sn7wgt, 6sn7gta/gtb, philips U. 4 inches Shipping Weight: 6. development it is only fair to start with them. the sound quality is not poor than vintage well-know brand tube. This amp will also have a 6sn7 cascode input gain stage. Specification and max ratings(*). This variety makes an excellent blending partner with lots of other varieties, and just like when making a good stew or soup, the whole is often greater than the sum of the parts. 6N8S (6SN7GT) je dvojitá trioda s nízkým zesilovacím činitelem. mA. The 6sn7 tube is often used as a driver tube for the output stage of many amps. Please click ACCEPT to allow cookies and get the best experience from our General Electric 6SN7GT NOS  Merknaam, Brimar, CBS, Channel Master, Cossor, Elektro Harmonix, GE, Haltron , Hytron, ITT, KenRad, Ming Da, National, Philco, Philips, Pope, Raytheon, RCA  The 6SN7. " This tube is often mentioned in "best 6SN7" discussions. It boils down to system synergy, room dynamics and  12 Jul 2009 There simply is nothing good in a 6SN7 made today, in fact, there really hasn't been a great one made since about 1962. 5U4G full wave rectifier followed by CLC (capacitor – choke – capacitor) filter for the power tubes, and additional RC circuit for the driver tubes. Super linearity, low noise, and full performance ratings make this one of the best 6SN7 tubes ever made. Dec 29, 2011 · re: the best 6sn7 gta and gtb Posted by Frihed89 (A ) on December 29, 2011 at 00:25:09 In Reply to: THE BEST 6SN7 GTA AND GTB posted by DAK on December 27, 2011 at 18:19:22: Re: 6F8G instead of a 6sn7? « Reply #5 on: June 29, 2018, 04:00:08 PM » While I do not recommend it to anyone else, I have used the 6F8G with great success in the Crack without Speedball. The queen explained it to me. With rare exception, there is a noticeable hum in the left channel. In a Hollywood twist ending, it turns out that the best 6SN7 is not a 6SN7 at all, it's a pair of 6J5 / 6J5-G / 6J5-GT, each of which, electronically id. 6SN7 / 5692 tubes. I decided to try to reduce the distortion by using somewhat more modern tubes. This is the best 6SN7 made since the early 50's - and maybe ever. Sylvania6SN7's produced in the 1940's and 50's are the best sounding. I want to thank all the customers who have sent me their evaluations of these tubes. By the way, there is a prominent online dealer trying to jack up his margins by making absolute bullshit claims about "grading" and having "premium" versions of this and other Shuguang Treasures tubes. (0) No Reviews yet. medium amplification] double-triode tube. 6SN7 Specification is identical to GE 6SN7 and RCA 5692 See User Reviews This new blue glass 6SN7 has rich tonality and big sound stage. Jul 14, 2018 · Although I have limited experience with the 6SN7 familyI have tried some new production Shugaung CV 181-Z, along with a couple of pair of NOS RCA VT-231's, and most recently a pair of the Sylvania 6SN7 GTA's. These vacuum tubes were designed to provide a medium gain for audio amplifiers during the 1940s and 1950s, and were also used for programmable digital computers. A. 6SN7 Sylvania. Compatibility. I use two of those bad boys in the line stage of my Croft preamp, and they are fantastic, however, I'd like to introduce you to another contender for the best 6SL7 ever made, and that's the equally amazing Tung Sol 6SU7GTY: Flagship Audio: Getting the best sound out of 6sn7 tubes. I try 6922's pre but it seems to be not suit for my Thorens power, so the sound was so noise. Received date: July 28, 2009 Dear Sophia Electric, I own a Viva Solista 845 tube amplifier that uses 6SN7 tubes as Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB Re-issue, made by New Sensor in Russia. They have very large shiny getters at the top of the tube. I've posted this on HF as well (for $250 $75). It needs the adaptor which is available via eBay vendors or JAC Music. Exhibit B, shows actual tube under test, dynamic emissions at full load for easy reference. it's no surprise that a tube from the same manufacturer would sound so good. Later the smaller plate verions 35 preamp 6sn7 33 audio 32 amplifier 29 ecc32 6h8c 28 5692 17 vt231 16 line electron valve tube wwwlangsungjadicom vacuum 13 almost certainly the best search The pre is designed to run a pair of octals in the input and a pair in the output. 5 times that of 6SN7!! The 5687 was known by Mr. Help Identify a Sylvania NOS 6SN7-GT Tube. The 6SN7-SEVacuum Tube has the best sounding detail in the entire band, making it even more memorable when listening to large-scale, symphonic type subjects with its vast sound field and live atmosphere. All are incredibly durable, low noise, and rival many 'new old stock' designs. Instruments are well separated but are  11 Tube LOT 6SN7 Chrome Top Sylvania ~TV-7 tested 6SN7GTB baldwin organ De best klinkende 6sn7 tj full music hole plate paartje. Music Direct is thrilled to offer all of the Electro-Harmonix input and power tubes. for the input tubes I used for best results Sylvania 5751 black plates triple mica's best sounding of the bunch including the Telefunken ECC83 and the mighty RCA's and GE's The 6SL7 was never as popular as the 6SN7---due to the 6SN7's widespread use in television chassis design---so this tube does not turn up as often whenever vintage tubes are being sold. I pay PayPal fees. These coke bottle 6SN7 tubes are the best 6SN7s I have ever heard. I plan to build is a 6sn7 based push pull 2 watt amp. I was told by some very experienced tube nuts that the best 6SN7 is the earliest version of Sylvania VT-231. Its base is a beautiful polished and lacquered brass 31mm diameter cylinder, like the 31mm diameter of the 'correct' 6SN7GT base. Tops is very sweet and well extended. This 6SN7 audio tube has low noise floor which helps CV1988=6SN7GTY / 6SN7GT Brimar England 1950's-1970's (highly recommended, the best sounding 6SN7 for the money; it's strengths are its super soundstage - very wide open sound, it's a very musical tube, good midrange detail and high-end extension, bass ok but not thunderous) - Deja Vu Audio Type 45 amp - Cary preamps and amps - Singlepower - Ultraverve - Wyetech Topaz 572B SET amp - Cary / AE-3 May 14, 2005 · Hence, if you intend to use the 5692 as a drop-in for a 6SN7 in an amp running 6SN7 voltages and currents, be prepared to have your 5692 last no longer than a normal 6SN7 at best. Jaime from Chile. PSVANE 6SN7 tube are keeping the original Europe and England vintage 6sn7 sound features, it's a grey smoke plate version with golden plated feets to assure all high sentivivity detail sound reprodaction, and it have a very high cost effective. Oct 12, 2007 · during my timewasting with cary slp98 preamp i tried many 6SN7 - i've never had a device where tube rolling was producing such a difference (so contrary to my current EAR 864) the best i tried & could afford was raytheon 6SN7 WGT from 1959, great all rounder, fast dynamic but smooth as silk. The preamplifier was built using premium parts, and a simple signal path was designed with sonic purity in mind. There is no pin available to ground the envelope. But a bunch of amps and pre-amps use 6SL7's and now that I've got one, I'd love to hear everyone's experience with the both modern and vintage tubes. The ECC83 will work to, though it is a little more fiddly to set up. I now have owned an Audio Icon PS3 phono pre that utilizes 4 x 6DJ8/ECC88 tubes, and 1 x 6SN7 tube in the output section of amp, for nearly two months. 6x9x8. $500 per tube $ Nov 23, 2003 · In fact, almost every 6SN7 type tube done after the 70s including the Philips JAN samples does not have the best nature of the 6SN7. Vintage 6SN7 tubes hand picked for audio applications. Good ones may run you $300 6SN7 VT-231 5692 Tube Audio Performance – Chimera Labs Revised 05/2003 This is the fifth update on the sound performance of the vintage 6SN7 types. i have a pair for sale if anyone iterested - OK a Re: 6SN7 or 6SL7? « Reply #6 on: September 09, 2010, 08:22:17 pm » You can squeeze a bit more gain by going with 220K plate resistors and making sure the voltage on your plate is around 190V-200V. Plate Voltage (max). Think how jealous you’re friends will be when you tell them you got your psvane 6sn7 on 7N7 to 6SN7 adapter. 4%, output impedance is just 828Ω plus the 1kΩ series resistance, and the total drive voltage loss is only 0. For the 6sn7, my favorites have been the vt231 varieties (pretty much all are good , but the Sylvania vt231 and Raytheon vt231 pair very well with the 6xx. Varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Aug 28, 2018 · The tubes are limited edition Psvane Treasure 6SN7-SE globes or bulb shaped. Definitely pick up some solid 6SN7 tubes if you're going to run the Saga or Freya before the prices spike. 3v for the 6SN7. Think how jealous you're friends will be   missles, not the best tube for audio. Now all I have to do is figure out which 12sn7 is the best. The 6SN7 goes back to the world war II years. Importing your Facebook albums. V této kapitole najdete předzesilovací elektronky typu 6SN7. Designed to compliment to Aqua 274B and Classic 300B tubes, the new 6SN7 is a great choice to replace vintage 6SN7 tubes in all tube pre-amplifiers and tube amplifiers. The 6SN7 is a medium gain tube (similar to a 12AU7) while the 12AX7 is high gain. 6SN7: 6SN7. The 6SN7GT tube type was formally registered in 1941 by RCA and Sylvania. A produced some of the best valves ever made which is why these items have become very sought after in the music industry. Feb 28, 2009 · Some of the rarest 6SN7GT vintage tubes are shown in this video. Product Price: $115. This will occur with any 6SN7 tube. Treasure Globe 6SN7-SE (pair or single, GF Limited Special Edition) "Could this be the next best 6SN7 on the market today?" - this is no doubt the Feb 02, 2017 · In terms of enjoyment, I'd put the Sylvania tall bottle first, then the GE, Sylvania chrome top, stock, and finally Tung-Sol. Značka: SOVTEK Záruka: 6 . 6. It surpasses all other tubes in its class with a yield potential equivalent to 2. Originally released in 1939 it was officially registered in 1941 by RCA and Sylvania as the glass-cased 6SN7GT, originally listed on page 235 of RCA's 1940 RC-14 Receiving Tube Manual, in the Get the best deals on Sylvania 6sn7 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. It has low output im-pedance and distortion, but cannot de-liver lots of current to the load (current delivery is limited by the amount of cur-rent flowing through the tube, regard-less of output impedance). After that time it was replaced by "modern" tubes such as 12AU7 and 6CG7 designs that were physically smaller and less prone to noise and microphonics due to vibration. Nov 28, 2019 · The best 6SN7 I have found is the 1578 or 6H8C, which are both Russian tubes. Mostly 1940-1965 military types, the VT-231, 6SN7W, 6SN7WGT, and the super-rare 6SN7GT Tung Sol round plate blackglass types are Best of 6SN7 and GZ34 (Dec 98) Lee HC’s Summary: It had been several months since the last blind test of vacuum tubes. If you are going to use it in a headphone amp, the bass could be overpowering. This tube performs best with a relatively high plate voltage while the direct coupling to the phase splitter wants the plate voltage to be somewhat low, ideally 1/4 of the B+ voltage. The sound is PURE, transparent and it is 3-D with stability. Audyn True Copper coupling capacitors. Another common name for Russian 6SN7 tubes is 6H8C tube. These are vintage tubes mostly from the USA with a few European types. 6. 0. Varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Another cost saving strategy in finding the best Cabernet Sauvignon under $20 is to look for Cab-based blends. This pair dates from around 1949-51. It provided a medium gain (20). Electro-Harmonix sound effects are world renown for the soulful warmth of their analog sound and their line of "EH" premium tubes continues in this tradition of classic tone. Like the 6SN7 it became quite popular during the 1990ies among audio amplifier builders. On the other hand in an amp that drives speakers, the tubes really kick butt. Great detail and depth. It produces a wide and deep soundstage with a 3D dimension. Anode and grid size varies with varieties, but as long as you keep the relative distances inside the tube about the same the gm, Ra and ต stay about constant. 6N8P 6SN7 6H8C MELZ Russia Metal Base Black Hole Plate Nos Tubes Great Sound Quality M. 7 pounds May 21, 2013 · Below is some quick notes on my experiences with 5 different 6SN7 or equivalent , tubes. We've had plenty of threads about 12AX7, AU7, 6L6, etc. A lot of people consider this to be the best 6SN7 tubes. Filament Current. Apr 19, 2020 · BEST 6SN7 DRIVER DOWNLOAD - You can get beat two ways on eBay, the first is knowledgeable scammers, who are out to get you, the second are the guys, who found grandpa's old tubes and General schematic is quite simple. Why settle for less? The hidden truth behind  12 Feb 2014 The 6SN7 got very popular among tube amp builders during the 1990ies. × Another cost saving strategy in finding the best Cabernet Sauvignon under $20 is to look for Cab-based blends. They have an ST shaped envelope which is kind of short and fat like me. Winged C 6550: We actually like this tube better than the chinese and russian KT88's. 99 USD. 3. Another tube is the Russian 1578. The operation of the circuit is simple: The lower triode amplifies in the normal way. They still have flat, black plates. The seller told me that I should change (upgrade) that tube, so the question is "What 6SN7 is the best?" RCA, RamThon or other??? Hybrid Tube/solid state rectifier system provides the stability of diodes with the smoothness of a tube rectifier. Best Seller  6SN7GTA Sylvania (Chrome Top) 1950-1954 (excellent overall sound; quiet,  3 Dec 2018 Would the NOS RCA, Ken-Rad, GE, etc. 68 photos. Can access that info on Google. Find great deals on eBay for 6sn7 tube and 6sn7 tube sylvania. The Amperex 6550's were unanimously agreed upon as the best NOS 6550 by all. However last year, Schiit Audio, known mainly for headphone amps and DACs, surprised everyone by bringing to a market a 6SN7 preamp with several selectable output stages (passive, JFET buffer, or tube) with balanced inputs and outputs. AudioShark - The Best High End Audio Discussion forum. Posted in 6sn7/ECC32 | 1 Reply TJ Full Music 6SN7. The sylvania's were kind of tinny but i also had success with the tung-sol's but like the older GE tubes the best in my own system. both  Buy Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes with the best grade you can afford because it will provide years of enjoyment. The best plain 6SN7 GTB's are Mullard made in Japan on Mullard equipment. They also seem to offer more 'space' to presentation. The sound-stage is wide and accurate. Vacuum Tube Warranty & Return Policy. New Sensor purchased the the Tung-Sol name and trademark, and have begun making new production tubes, using the Tung-Sol brand. w as derived from the 6SN7 octal tube. Some are made in the 1980's and were used for military airforce and nuclear power plants. This was designed and built by Jeremy Fix; a very talented scratch builder who sells his amps on eBay. best 6sn7

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