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FOR SALE - Dallas - Forth Worth, TX - McClellan Calvary Saddle, has blanket straps. Captain George B. It comes complete with a valise, bridle, brass officer bit and halter, cinch strap, saddle blanket or saddle cloth and metal stirrups. S. His military command style, however, put him at odds with President Abraham Lincoln, and would ultimately upset his military and political fortunes. 6581 Sykes Circle • San Angelo, TX 76905 • (325) 659-4747. com. Rodeo. Saddlery Parts Hardware, Conchos, Chicago Screws, Saddle Clips, Saddle Straps, Blevins Buckles Tack, Saddle Parts< Conditioners Find the perfect mcclellan saddle stock photo. Hidden Trails Ph. Saddlery - 11496 Pierson Rd C6, Wellington, Florida 33414 - Rated 4. Army, after his tour of Europe as the member of a military commission charged with studying the latest developments in engineer and cavalry forces including McClellan Saddle SEAT 11" Cavalry / Artillery. At the end of this description, I will give some references on the history of the McClellan saddle for your further study. McClellan toured Europe with a military commission looking at new military tactics. 00. Leather Stirrup Shields (Sweat Shields) appear original to saddle Unique leather girth strap appears original to saddle Leather hooded stirrups Leather Carbine Thimble on right stirrup SADDLE CREEK CAREERS Every Journey Matters. Commercially Manufactured 1904 McClellan Saddle for youth or lady. 1800's - 12" Seat - Bridle is not original George B. This ensemble is in exceedingly rare unrestored and unmodified condition with no modern repairs. Although the Army produced a new pack saddle in 1913, and a special War contract saddle in 1917 (both based on the McClellan design) It was the Model 1904 that most American military horsemen were using through WWI. ". It's been a pleasure since 1892. There are so many saddles of alleged and known Confederate usage, with little concrete provenance, that it is almost impossible to attribute a certain saddle to a certain maker or Arsenal. The original 1859 McClellan Saddle used in present   The Battery: This saddle is a modern replica of the original McClellan saddle used by the US Civil War horse-drawn artillery units. McClellan, a career Army officer in the U. Category Education Mar 05, 2013 · A McClellan saddle, in fact. gif Mar 02, 2019 · The McClellan Saddle. Location: Meridian Price: $100 Oct 07, 2011 · Exactly a month before, Scott, McClellan, President Abraham Lincoln and a parade of other dignitaries had attended the funeral at Congressional Cemetery of Gen. It features drop ring rigging with adjustable  Our McClellan Style Saddle is a New Model Treed Saddle and is Built on a new wooden tree. George McClellan Summary: George McClellan was a major general during the American Civil War. 1904 WWI McClellan Saddle. Welcome to Precision Saddle Tree™ The advantage over your competition. McClellan seemed to excel at any endeavor he took on. Shows age, wear, and use, but still solid. I was in a Civil War Cavalry unit (43rd Virginia, Mosby's Rangers) and rode this saddle for 12 years. The Cavalry tried in 1912 to get rid of the McClellan but fell short of the mark. $5750. Stonewall Saddle Co has been engineering lightweight saddles since 1976. Its open-tree design allowed one of three sizes to comfortably  19th Century (1800s) Military Saddles. A very scarce war dated saddle in great condition. This seat is excellent for distance riding. The McClellan saddle was a riding saddle designed by George B. Our new Living Bar Technology® achieves the holy grail of saddle fit: a saddle tree bar that passively morphs to match the shape of the horse, and a rigid load path to distribute the The Jenifer saddle comes with accurate confederate pommel sheild and slot plates. Military McClellan M1904 Cavalry Saddle for auction. [shopsite-images]/buttons/tab_blue/tab_blue_pr_View_Cart. Cavalry. 30 results for mcclellan saddle Save mcclellan saddle to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Has the adjust quarter straps with square pads on side, saddle is complete with Stirrup straps with attached fenders with US embossed hooded stirrups, complete with latigo straps, horse hair cinch and all six coat straps. To begin the restoration, the rawhide was removed from the tree, breaks in the tree were repaired and it was completely encased in fiberglass. No need to register, buy now! MODEL 1904 McCLELLAN SADDLE QUARTERSTRAP SQUARE RINGS: The standard square rings found on the M1904 McClellan Saddles. Congdon was a Major in the 12th PA Cavalry when he compiled and published his Cavalry Compendium in 1864. $1495 HIGHBACK SADDLE INDIAN RIDING HORSE. In 1859, the U. Free shipping on many items | Browse your  Royal King McClellan Cavalry Saddle. McClellan resigns from the Army to become chief engineer of the Illinois Central Railroad. Saddle Features:Full Quarter BarsDrop D Ride with a Champion - FREE $60 Gift with Purchase Even though the McClellan saddle was designed with a hole in the center to relieve pressure on the horse’s spine, it still doesn’t fit your horse properly. In 1874 the saddle remained black but the saddlebags became leather and the brush and shoe pouch were done away with. Mcclellan Cavalry Saddle Stand. Royal King McClellan Replica Cavalry Saddle. It has a Bohlin buckle on strap. I'm not positive that the leathers are original, but the girth strap safes are with matching inspection stamps. MULE HARNESS "US" BRIDLE ROSETTES: This matched pair of "US" embossed rosettes were used on the blinders of the mule and draft horse bridles, but could also be used for any number of Royal King McClellan Cavalry Saddle. 1859 McClellan "Saddle Replica". GENUINE McCLELLAN CAVALRY SADDLE. Flagstaff $ 995. Although other saddle types have since been approved, the McClellan continues to be used by riders for pleasure, as well as by mounted police forces and for ceremonial military use. M1859 McCLELLAN SADDLE POMMEL SHIELD, ALLEGHENY ARSENAL 1861. Ready to ride, the saddle comes complete with coat straps and English Jan 15, 2020 - US Cavalry Various. "US" marked on the front of the boot protectors with the right side protector marked "ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL/E. This lot offers an excellent example of militaria and equine memorabilia - A McClellan M1904 Cavalry Saddle. 48. Shipping $25 by UPS. McCLELLAN SADDLE CINCH HORSEHAIR MILITARY 1918 COWBOY HORSE CALVARY ARMY: Details » Buy Now for $175. They can increase the load capacity of your horse, meaning. The bars of the tree should be resting along the back of the horse or mule with little or no gap, as seen in photos Construction of the Saddle Tree. McClellan WW1 WW2 Saddles Confederate Jenifer Saddles 1862 Grimsley Artillery Saddles Spanish American War Saddle 1904 and 1928 Equipment Military Stirrups & Bits Indian War Saddles World War I & II Saddles McClellan Officer Saddle Civil War Saddles and Tack Grimsley Artillery Valise Saddle 1904 1928 Military Saddles Aug 17, 2019 · I have a genuine McClellan and they aren't meant for comfort for the rider. It really gives you an appreciation for just how quirky the McClellan saddle is. McClellan didn't returned to the army in 1861 after the outbreak of the war, but returned with a General Officer rank instead of the Capt's rank he resigned as. $12. Only $195. The lowest price is $3. Excavated stamped brass saddle shield. Horses can go lame from saddles that do not fit properly, especially when ridden by heavier, taller riders. Item Code: 31-1579. The design that includes a deeper seat and the stirrup leathers that run underneath the front quarter side strap makes this saddle a well-balanced saddle that offers good maneuverability and stability. thinklikeahorse. It is outlined in silver stars and the stirrups have silver stars. As the Indian wars continued, further modifications continued resulting in the 1884 and 1898 models. Fact 4: George Brinton McClellan was a key general in the American Civil War and the Democratic presidential candidate in 1864. org - Rick Gore Horsemanship - Duration: 3:29. W. A McClellan saddle custom made for a particular horse or a vintage saddle that fits a particular horse offers a ride that is comparable to modern Western working or trail saddles in fit and comfort provided the rider knows the proper seat in which to ride this saddle design. With the advent of the Civil War, McClellan became a major general in the Ohio militia. Cavalry specifications The original 1859 McClellan Saddle used in present day re-enactments. The front of the fork and back of the cantle have loops and rings to carry more gear than a western saddle. CIVIL WAR MODEL 1864 McCLELLAN CAVALRY SADDLE – A VERY GOOD SPECIMEN COMPLETE WITH ALL THE MAJOR COMPONENTS – MAKER MARKED AND GOVERNMENT INSPECTED. From Congdon's Cavalry Compendium ~ 1864 ~ pages 101-103. Any suggestions?I would visit a local "Tack" shop that sells equptment for horses and riders. May 15, 2012 · The Proper Way to Cinch a Saddle - www. Army, after his tour of Europe as the member of a military commission charged with studying the latest developments in engineer and cavalry forces including field equipment. James A. 15 October 2018 Event Gaston Mercier Agenda Saddle  The Endurance Saddles were made for long competitions where the rider with their horse has to cover 20, 40, 100 or even 120 kilometers. Jan 27, 2008 · Hi fellas, I just finished making my 2nd saddle and am now going to attempt to restore a McClellan saddle. This portion on tacking with the McClellan equipments is a little different from the methods described in prior manuals for earlier saddles. Civil War, Indian Wars & Victorian horse equipment (Grimsley, McClellan, Jenifer, Ranger, California, Hope, Spanish, etc. This 1859 McClellan Saddle is made of high quality American leather. In its original form the seat was covered with rawhide but was changed to leather in later incarnations. Back row left to right: Patricio Ruiz, Cal Cook, Brad McClellan, Gary McClellan & Matthew Bush. Donations can be made at PayPal. I have an old McClellan that still has remnants of the original britchen. Evolutionary Saddles™ introduces the ultimate flexible panel saddle! The Evolutionary Saddles™ flexible panel saddle with System X delrin construction is a quantum leap forward in saddle design. 1872-Pattern McClellan Saddle and Tack. There are some of the pieces missing like strap holders, ect and was wondering where I can find them. The old McClellan saddles won't normally fit today's horses. The McClellan Saddle is another type of saddle worth mentioning. War Department adopted the McClellan saddle. Saddle Bags, M-1885, McClellan Saddle (98-C) A fine set of regulation US Cavalry Model 1885 Saddle-Bags in excellent condition, made of black pebble grain leather, with all closing straps, interior drab duck liners, and tie down straps. A superb replica of the original saddle designed for the U. Army from 1859 until the 1940's when the last horse  The McClellan Military Saddle, known throughout history in both myth and fact, was first designed for military use by George B. 99 from ebay while the highest price is $2,450. All leather is in excellent condition, very soft and pliable throughout. McClellan produces a cavalry manual and recommends a new saddle for the cavalry, the so-called McClellan saddle, that will be in use until the twentieth century. Blackish brown. Saddle is in great condition. Saddle was adopted by the Army around 1859 while he was a civilian. McClellan's son, George B. Silver on seat and other places was probably engraved by Bohlin. Aug 17, 2017 · This is the same as the M1874 McClellan Saddle, except for having brass hardware. Brass, With Strap Slot, Reproduction. The pommel shield is marked 12 in. Think Like A Horse 263,013 views What are the features by which an expert can tell: this is a 'McClellan saddle' Albrecht Mucha, Germany, Bad Salzdetfurth 84. Our trees are made from Yellow Poplar and laminated Baltic Birch. Based on his observations, McClellan proposed a design that was $49. I've ridden in it a few times - I have two horses but they don't currently fit the saddle tree of the McClellan. Raised stamp “12 IN / SEAT” in center of shield. This classic cavalry style saddle is hand-sewn on a custom fiberglass tree. ) M1859 McCLELLAN SADDLE POMMEL SHIELD, ALLEGHENY ARSENAL 1861. 08 shipping. Army Captain George McClellan designed the McClellan saddle based on his study of European cavalry forces. 1850 grimsley valise saddle: 1860 grimsley saddle: 1850-1860 plantation saddle: 1860-1870 plantation saddle: 1859 mcclellan: 1878 whitman saddle: 1878 whitman saddle: 1890 whitman saddle: 1906 brown whitman saddle: 1910 whitman saddle: 1880's officer's saddle: 1913 mule rider's saddle: 1916 packer saddle: 1917 officer's saddle: 1942 packer saddle McClellan saddle definition is - a saddle with moderately high leather-covered pommel and cantle developed during the Civil War and long used by the cavalry of the U. Show. Price: $3. Our McClellan Style Saddle is a New Model Treed Saddle and is Built on a new wooden tree. Cavalry Saddle McClellan with Girth WWI 1917 Rock Island Arsenal Idugitup 5 out of 5 stars (588) $ 215. The saddle features period correct Civil War iron and brass hardware and shield. McClellan. N. The Brits had already developed the earlier version of what became the Universal Pattern which was a supperior saddle to the McClellen both in terms of fitting the horses, displacing weight and being more comfortable for the rider. Cavalry specifications. While visiting my fathers place, I came across a McClellan saddle he has had for some time. It is what insures the proper fit of the horse, balance of the rider, and overall strength of the saddle. All with an incredible attention to  Nov 21, 2019 - Explore stevegettysburg53's board "McClellan saddle" on Pinterest. On June 29, 1872, a general order from the War Department ordered a change in the McClellan saddle. 1885 Mcclellan Saddle Cavalry Horse Hair Girth Cincha Indian War Black Ria Best. Very good condition. This is an fine example of an early 20th century U. MODEL 1858 MCCLELLAN SADDLE TREE. 130. In addition, there was a girth strap made of woolen yarn. During the American Civil War there were a variety of saddles in use by the Federal Cavalry. 136 22:15, 23 April 2007 (UTC) You're right. Both  Skyhorse Saddle Company makes Custom Saddles, Fine Western Saddles, hand-made saddles, collectable saddles and more. Discover New & Used McClellan Saddles for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. seat. Unknown recovery location. This classic cavalry style saddle is hand- sewn on a custom fiberglass tree. very good, complete seat. , was crafted in exacting detail down to its japanned rings and buckles and brass shield attached to the inside of the pommel which indicates an 11-1/2" seat. The McClellan saddle was a riding saddle designed by George B. Made to original U. This fine You searched for: mcclellan saddle! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. 11 Items. Tom Bowers Vintage F. George C. They were part of the saddle as issued and an inventoried item as well but as you pointed out, there is a great deal of evidence for them being removed from the stirrup straps. He resigned his commission on January 16, 1857, and entered railroad engineering. 00: $190. After thousands of hours of in-saddle field-testing and many advances in technology, Tauer Manufacturing LLC has produced exactly what every serious rider dr The McClellan saddle was a riding saddle designed by George B. Nicknamed “Young Napoleon” and “Little Mac,” he twice was commander of Army of the Potomac, the Union’s largest army, and fought as general-in-chief of the Union army until being removed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. Pete's Custom Saddlery has been providing the finest craftsmanship since 1982. Most of the European cavlary equipment I've tried is far superior to the old '04. The Model 1896 McClellan Saddle Rock Island Arsenal photographic plate of 1896/1904 Pattern I McClellan By the mid 1890s, the supply of civil war surplus saddletrees upon which the arsenals had been building McClellan saddles with had finally become extremely small (thirty years later!) and something had to be done. The saddle came in seat sizes ranging from  Royal King McClellan Cavalry Saddle. $3 each or $10 for 4. A new auction location in La Porte TX! We would like to thank all of our customers for attending our last auction in San Marcos! We would like to invite all of our customers to our New Auction Location in La Porte TX! Please invite friends and family members in and or around the Houston area to attend a Civil war confederate saddle. General George B. Jun 13, 2013 · Nashville Arsenal/Atlanta Arsenal McClellan Saddle This is an interpretation of the Nashville Arsenal/ Atlanta Arsenal McClellan saddle. Made by Blake Miller Cheyenne Wyoming. 00: Ships: $15. Wood tree; Hand processed rawhide or fiberglass; Slick or Swell Fork; Your choice of measurements i. 95 These wire snaps are correct for Link Straps, but can be used for any application calling for a period snap A McClellan saddle tree is made up of five wooden parts. Clip with 3/4" (19 mm) D-Ring 10/pk. Army, after his tour of Europe as the member of a military commission charged with studying the latest developments in engineer and cavalry forces including The reenactors repro ‘59 McClellan is a step back in "McClellan technology" from the adjustable '04, but to be truly authentic C/W-I/W period, the reenactor must have a proper period saddle, and thus runs the risk of punishing his horse. Burgess & Co. shows buckles and straps. US ARTILLERY 1914 BRIDLE MARKED BC CO 1918 1902 ROSETTE MCCLELLAN SADDLE WW I. New products prices vary between $3. McClellan saddles are steeped in history, having first been used by the U. MajorStovall 16:24, 2 January 2010 (UTC) The McClellan is reconized by the simple rawhide or leather covered tree with the opening in the middle. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Saddle Trees are the most important aspect of the saddle. $54. M1859 McClellan saddle of the Civil War period, displaying its rawhide seat covering. A well made tree is essential to the crafting of a quality western saddle. Jul 23, 2011 · Hi folks. Shipping Weight: 30 pounds; ASIN: B000WSGJGY; Customer Reviews: Be the first 6581 Sykes Circle • San Angelo, TX 76905 • (325) 659-4747. Leather Conchos 1-3/4" (44 mm) 6/pk. He was a civil engineer,  This McClellan saddle was used by Calvin Mitchell, from Hailesboro. The story behind it is that a friend of our family gave the saddle to my dad. Other changes made to the M1904 to help modernize it was the addition of 1/2" sheep skin sewn to the underside of the saddle. 85 shipping. Feb 18, 2012 · It more closely resembles a "packer saddle" one used by a horse or mule train driver except a regulation packer saddle would have a pouch on the back of the cantle. Skinner LeRoy, NY” hand written in black ink into the bottom of the left stirrup. McClellan Jr. com Military Saddles And Equipment This 1904-1942 time period saw a change from black leather to the russet color or "fair" shade. The McClellan saddle was placed on top of a saddlecloth, shabrack, or saddle blanket. The McClellan saddle was usually issued with a britchen attached. Here's some info for modern day English saddle measuring: Jun 29, 2010 · Cavalry collecting is fun, but riding in the gear is a real experience. He attended private schools and a preparatory school before entering the University of Pennsylvania in 1840. 95 shipping. Army adopted the design in 1859, and it remained in use through the 1940s when American horse-mounted cavalry operations ended. 34 results for saddles mcclellan Save saddles mcclellan to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. He and his brother, Lewis, enlisted in the Army in 1861, entering two different units. This is an 1859 model tree built on modified Quarter Horse bars that will fit today's horses. Jun 29, 2010 · Cavalry collecting is fun, but riding in the gear is a real experience. Saddle is in nice condition. Pre-Owned. O. I mention all this because to all intents and purposes, it was militarily rigged and used a McClellan cavalry saddle cinch. Sycamore Creek Saddles: Affordable Custom Saddles. It featured a thick leather skirt, and leather coverings for wooden stirrups. Saddle comes complete with correct iron hardware, hooded stirrups, fenders, skirts, complete rigging assembly and a set of six coat straps. The McClellan saddle was adopted by the US War   In 1913, for these saddle mules, the army adopted a special mule riding saddle patterned on the M1904 McClellan Saddle - one with double rigging as well as a   ORIGINAL 2ND PATTERN MODEL 1904 McCLELLAN SADDLE LOWER QUARTERSTRAPS: I have a small quantity of the lower, or “side”, quarterstraps for the  NEW UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS 1 PATTERN MODEL 1904 McCLELLAN SADDLE – A RARE SPECIMEN IN EXCELLENT CONDITION BEARING  Vanessa Clerico & Linda Holmes. It features drop ring rigging with adjustable  3 May 2020 Among them are an old worn cavalry saddle. Fort Kearny State Park and Museum, Nebraska. Shawn's Custom M1896 US Army Black Leather McClellan Saddle, RARE, Complete Condition Rare US Army Black leather M1896 McClellan Saddle. McClellan military mule saddle, Model 1913, brass horn and four brass tie down rings, leather and rope girth, steel stirrups, one marked: RIA / U. In 1857 he resigned his commission and went on to hold executive positions in a number of railroads. Please note on the check and when donating via PayPal that the funds are for the Don McClellan Memorial to benefit the Chelan Jr. But rather than using a McClellan saddle, a simple flat saddle was used for service other than in the artillery. It features drop ring rigging with adjustable straps and chafe guard complete with girth stirrup leather, metal stirrups with vinyl covers, and brass fittings. H. 97. George B. anyways what would be the price for a good condition one. Here we will show how we accomplish these three concepts. 1872 McClellan Saddle During the Civil War, it seems that adaptations to saddles were made on a regular basis. The saddle is in good condition with a lot of ins McLelland's Inc. This is a fantastic saddle to use or display. 1859 Mc Clellan. Gibson, an old friend of John McClellan's. 00 Custom Saddle Tree $700. Pictured here is a 1905 McClellan saddle that has undergone a complete restoration. Welcome to Shawns Custom Saddles & Tack. The 1859 McClellan, however, was by far the most common saddle used by Union horse soldiers. Zoom In Zoom Out Reset. —died October 29, 1885, Orange, New Jersey), general who skillfully reorganized Union forces in the first year of the American Civil War (1861–65) but drew wide criticism for repeatedly failing to press his advantage over Dec 17, 2010 · Captain George B. It has a Narrow gullet and superior quality leather Custom orders are always Welcome! (Additional charges and wait time will apply) The saddle includes fenders, straight stirrups (already positioned for the rider’s feet) and nylon Whether you shop at our Florida store, at a major horse show, or online, you'll find the latest styles and quality merchandise made the old-fashioned way, here, at McLelland's. 88. $95. Traditional McClellan Saddle. Thousands of Ralide trees are further tested every day in field use. In 1928 the rigging on the McClellan went from adjustable to the billet rigging of English style. In order to make your own saddle, you will need to purchase a McClellan saddle pattern that fits your specifications and those of your horse. Come visit us. 40 shipping. Model 1859 McClellan Saddle - Allegheny Arsenal - Dated 1865 - Inventory Number: CAV 036 -SOLD. It was used mainly by the Union army during the American Civil War (many in the Confederate army provided their own saddles) and in many cowboy films. 36 Adult Mcclellan C War Replica Military Re-enactment Cavalry Saddle Brown 17 New Jun 10, 2019 · George McClellan was a U. He also published a translation of a French manual on bayonet exercises, wrote a work on cavalry tactics, and designed the famous McClellan saddle. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. He returned and developed a new modified cavalry saddle. The only such soldier found that fit was a Samuel Skinner from Great Bend, Pennsylvania, a forty-five-year-old mechanic in the LeRoy, New York area who mustered into Co H of the 1st New York This old high back saddle was probably made for a Texas Ranger. Dark brown patina. Show Headstall Photo Gallery. 7 bids +$73. I came to like the saddle a lot! It's light, easy to put on and take off and a very comfortable saddle for the horse too! It allows air to flow through the saddle and after you get used to riding in it - very comfortable for the rider as well. Mcclellan Saddle 11 Inches Seat. Long Clip with 5/8" (16 mm) D-Ring 10/pk. Electing to capitalize on his railroad knowledge, he resigned his commission on January 16, 1857 and became the chief engineer and vice president of the Illinois Central Railroad. These are oval holes through the saddle tree that straps with buckles are fed through to attach items. Skin covered saddle tree in good overall condition Fact 3: An extraordinarily long-lived design, the McClellan saddle has seen constant use in militaries around the world for more than 150 years. HUGE Announcement. Toll Free 877-584-7787 email: info@saddletree. This is a Model 1859 McClellan Civil War Saddle identified to an "S. McClellan was well liked by his men, but his reticence to attack The McClellan Cavalry Saddle. 00: 3 days 18 hrs 49 mins: Item Condition: Used; Item Location: Boardman, OR, USA ZIP 978** Shipping Type: Flat Rate; Shipping Cost: $15. $67. Known within the family as Max, he too became a politician, serving as a United States Representative from New York State (1893–1903) and as Mayor of New York City from 1904 to 1909. Another question is, How can I date the McClellan that I have? I am thinking it is a 190 The McClellan saddle was adopted by the US War Department in 1859 and has since been called the M1859 model. 1859 McClellan tree, 11- 11 1/2 or 12" seat made to fit a modern horse. Army, after his tour of Europe as the member of a  Reportedly influenced by the saddles of Hussars he observed in Europe, McClellan returned and developed a new modified cavalry saddle. Grimsley, McClellan, Jenifer, Hope, Ranger / California, Spanish, Pony Express, etc. 14 May 2019 It is often times that the saddles were obtained in unfair or illegal ways. Time left 4d 21h left. Unfollow mcclellan saddle to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. The entire affair is Saddle Shop; Photos; Customers; Price List; Contact; Shawn's Custom Saddles & Tack. Cavalry SaddleThis 1872 Pattern McClellan Saddle, reproduced by F. Add to cart. Nicknamed "Young Napoleon," "Little Mac" was immensely popular with the men who served under his command. Their family Hadlock and Fox Manufacturing LLC. The quartermaster saddles were a very plain design,  McClellan saddle definition is - a saddle with moderately high leather-covered pommel and cantle developed during the Civil War and long used by the cavalry   30 May 2007 The McClellan saddle was simple, less expensive, lightweight, sturdy, and durable. What's odder is that the US even adopted McClellan's saddle design. Army. Army Cavalry saddle. It has a Narrow gullet and superior quality leather Custom orders  Border States Leatherworks | McClellan Civil War, WWI and WWII Saddles | 479- 361-2642 - If you need something made from leather, I can do it. McClellan Replica Cavalry Saddle. McClellan Cavalry Mcclellan Saddle 11 - $930. In addition to the legendary McClellan riding saddle and the famous Phillips pack saddle. This saddle has been used by the US cavalry since 1859. $49. 1872 McClellan U. Mar 22, 2019 · The reenactor’s repro ‘59 McClellan is a step back in “McClellan technology” from the adjustable ’04, but to be truly authentic C/W-I/W period, the reenactor must have a proper period saddle, and thus runs the risk of punishing his horse. e Bar Angle, Handhole (gullet), Cantle, Horn and Swells Heres a nice, older McClellan saddle, would look great in a barrestaurant setting, man cave, tack room, dengame roomwherever The leather is in very good shape for the age, and the brass plaque says 11 inch Seat. There is a still active unit  McClellan Cavalry Saddle 1904 Model with picket pin and holder, lariat, early 1900s saddle bags and liners. The results (available on request) have shown that there is simply not a stronger or more durable tree on the market than Ralide saddle trees. Mcclellan Cavalry Saddle - $230. . This handsome, handsewn leather saddle is built on a covered fiberglass tree. 1885 Mcclellan Saddle - $195. Handsome, handsewn leather saddle built on a covered fiberglass tree. The brown leather saddle has an open center, a soft sheepskin like padding, a brass shield at the front marked "11 INCH/SEAT", and brass mounted rings on the front and back. Dec 27, 2009 · The saddle in the image above is one of these improved late-war saddles, showing increased use of rivets, rigging dees with tabs (top of ring to keep it from rotating). The McClellan will pinch the heck out of your typical modern-day horse's withers. A solid dirty old McClellan saddle dating back about a hundred years to the era of WW1 and the Mexican Punitive Expedition. Royal King McClellan Cavalry Saddle. McClellan was born to George McClellan, a Yale graduate who completed medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, and to Elizabeth S. me/chelansaddleclub or by check made out to Chelan Rustlers Saddle Club and mailed to P. McClellan in the mid- 1850's, was used by the U. Theres a auction tommarow and they have 2 in the auction My mother useally buys tack and saddles at these auctions to resale Well she has never bought a McClellan. McClellan was an Army surveyor, invented the saddle that is still in use and bares his name, rose to General in the Union Army, and ran for President against Abraham Lincoln, just to mention a few of his accomplishments. It is my privilege to provide you with Civil War saddles, Indian War saddles, 1800 civilian saddles, as well as many other saddle or tack items. Jun 15, 2012 · McClellan saddle What are they worth? Any idea on what a good condition McClellan would be worth. This 11" saddle boasts genuine russet leather construction, as well as brass hardware. 1859 McClellan Saddle Built on new wood tree, covered with rawhide. Precision Saddle Tree Manufacturing, Inc is your solution for eliminating these obstacles to producing fine saddles. The cooler saddle bags come equipped  Saddles are a category of Horse tack. The pommel, two side bars, and the cantle (which itself is comprised of two parts joined together with an iron strap). Skinner, Leroy, NY. See more ideas about Saddles, Horse tack and Horse saddles. (Click on images for a larger view) (left) 1874 McClellan Saddle, (right) 1874 Saddlebags Mcclellan Pattern Cavalry Saddle And Harnesses, Stirrups Early 1900s Wwi Era Adult Mcclellan C - $276. / 1912(Rock Island Arsenal, the other marked U. Mar 4, 2014 - The McClellan Saddle (M1904 and later) was designed with purely military applications in mind. McClellan of the US Army, after  Results 1 - 25 of 25 Get the best deals on McClellan Saddle when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Absent: Dean Clerico. Reportedly influenced by the saddles of Hussars he observed in Europe, McClellan returned and developed a new modified cavalry saddle. 1857 - George B. Unfollow saddles mcclellan to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Our new Living Bar Technology® achieves the holy grail of saddle fit: a saddle tree  From October 24 to 28, 2018, the saddlery Gaston Mercier will be at the CCI & CAIO “The 4 Stars of Pau”. Its open-tree design allowed one of three sizes to comfortably fit most horses. See more ideas about Saddles, Horse gear and Horse saddles. The McClellan saddle I’ve posted is the Model 1904. 7 based on 36 Reviews "Awesome saddles and customer service is McClellan Saddle Package available at HorseLoverZ, the #1 place for horse products and equipment. Price reduced. First timer. Nov 23, 2011 · The McClellan Saddle (M1904 and later) was designed with purely military applications in mind. George Brinton McClellan is often remembered as the great organizer of the Union Army of the Potomac. " as marked on the bottom of the left stirrup in black ink. McClellan Saddle. McClellan, in full George Brinton McClellan, (born December 3, 1826, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U. This is an authentic reproduction of a real saddle, only in miniature. It remained in continuous use from 1859 to WWII, and is still in use by ceremonial mounted US Army units today. Tom Bowers Jun 29, 2010 · Page 2 of 2 - McClellan Saddle - posted in CRAIG PICKRALL FIELD & PERSONAL GEAR SECTION: What are you guys using to mount the saddle? I have a complete saddle, but it sits in a box, trying to figure out how to put it on a form for a display. Cavalry Museum was the Saddlery room. , Start Price: $100. 00 shipping. The hooded stirrups are not matching as one shows the US stamp and the other does not. Detailed Description: Model 1859 McClellan Saddle with Allegheny Arsenal marked and 1861 dated Pommel Plate Original to saddle leather straps, stirrups, etc. Feb 06, 2015 · The McClellan saddles will have several attachments points, usually three on the swell in the front and three on the cantle in the back. The brass shield is missing from the pommel, but the saddle is otherwise complete. Since 1966, our associates have grown Saddle Creek Logistics from a small family-owned business into one of the country’s top 100 3PLs by treating each other with respect, working together to succeed, and sharing a “Whatever it Takes” attitude. We'll roll out the red carpet! Saddle Photo Gallery. The 1859 style rawhide covered wood tree is designed to fit our modern day, wider horses. New russet leather cover, correct side skirts, wool covered underbars on tree, cavalry model US covered stirrups, brass hardware, six coat straps. The 1913 mule saddle made its first appearance with its brass horn. Designed by George B McClellan (1826-1885) a career Army officer in the US Army. US CAVALRY/ ARTILLERY M 1906 McClellan saddle . Browse Saddles, or place a FREE ad today on horseclicks. 00 Quantity Available: 1. 1859 pattern McClellan enlisted cavalry saddle made by Allegheny Arsenal in 1865 and clearly so marked on the saddle plaque on the rear of the saddle. Will keep the horse cool on long rides with open center area on the seat. Gaited Saddles are made differently from saddles for trotting horses. The saddle was adopted by the War Department in 1859 and nearly half a million were produced before the end of the Civil War. Apr 23, 2019 · M1859 McClellan saddle of the Civil War period, displaying its rawhide seat covering. Watch. 32 shipping. This WW1 saddle replica follows the original specifications, original tree used, or a new wide 1904 style. Please KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR NEW LISTINGS TO BE POSTED SOON. They were made for a typically narrower horse than we see today. Here is an original Model 1859 McClellan saddle first used by United States mounted troops during the Civil War. 1859 McClellan "Saddle Replica" Made to original U. Accompanying the saddle is a set GENERAL INFORMATION ON SADDLE TREES A finished saddle has leather and fleece covering the bars of the tree and this makes it hard to judge how the bars of the tree actually fit a horse’s or mules’s back. with the 1859 McClellan Saddle. View as Grid List. "What's inside is what makes the difference" As a quality manufacturer of some of the best fitting trees in the saddle industry, Hadlock & Fox is one of the leading wooden saddle tree manufacturers located in North America. S. War  The McClellan Cavalry Saddle, designed by George B. (1865–1940), was born in Dresden in the Kingdom of Saxony during the family's first trip to Europe. Royal King McClellan Replica Cavalry Saddle A superb replica of the original saddle designed for the U. The russet color would exist through 1942. Commercially Manufactured 1904 McClellan Saddle (H461) $695. 00; Expedited Shipping; Handling Time: 2 business days; Seller Cesar is a perfectionist and it shows in his work. Check our site for accessories to complement this miniature military saddle by Ben's Custom Tack. Choosing an experienced retailer, using a professional saddle fitter,  The saddlebags also feature a top access zipper that helps to retain ice and allows one beverage to be removed at a time. Army engineer, railroad president and politician who served as a major general during the Civil War. The Exclusive North American Sales Representative for CTK Saddlery, offering handmade Colombian Paso Fino saddles, pads and accessories for your Paso Fino and other Naturally Gaited Horses. The saddle was simple and lightweight, but sturdy enough to properly support a rider and gear. Not surprisingly, most of the display space in the saddlery room is dedicated to the McClellan saddle and its evolution from 1859 to 1928. Hindering this endeavor are inconsistent materials, long lead times and poor design. The padding for the saddle is stuffed with horse hair. McClellan Cavalry Saddle - $200 (Shushan) 11" Seat McClellan Cavalry Saddle, Artillery model. 1859 McClellan Saddle for model horses. The U. or . 1904 McClellan Pattern Cavalry Saddle & Harness. 1856 - George B. Scanning all available deals for Mcclellan Cavalry Saddle shows that the average price across all deals is $256. Repro M1 Garand,1903 Springfield Rifle Scabbard Straps Mcclellan Cavalry Saddle. In very good condition overall, this wartime cavalry saddle is partially identified to a horseman with the name “S. While performing his duties as an Army surveyor in the Texas panhandle, McClellan named a little creek after himself. Here is a very rare saddle with an Indian engraved on each side of the saddle riding a horse and carring a 1866 Winchester. Sep 8, 2018 - Explore shunkafeathers's board "McClellan Saddles" on Pinterest. Repro M1 - $45. The stirrup hangers are steel. These endurance  Saddles & Saddlery. I have been wanting to learn the craft of saddle-making and have been lurking for a while. The saddle comes with a new leather covered 1859 tree (made on modified bars so that it will fit modern horses), brass slot plates and pommel shield, all iron hardware, six coat straps, 1872 model stripped wool girth, 4 1/2 inch covered embossed stirrups. 00 » Buy: $175. $250. The purpose of the fenders on the Mac is the same as for any other saddle, namely to put a layer of protection between your leg and horse's sweaty body. The McClellan Saddle also found homes in countries like Mexico and Rhodesia and even to a limited degree, it was utilized by the British in the Boer War. Today I received my two McClellan mounts. 99 and $459. 19th Century (1800s) military and civilian saddles and tack of the Mexican War, American Civil War (Confederate & Union), Indian Wars, Old West & Spanish-American (Span-Am) War. , all of the items once used on a daily basis by mounted troopers can now be inspected, including bridles, saddlebags, hobbles, stirrups, picket pins, farrier tools and hundreds of other cavalry paraphernalia. King Series McClellan Saddle. I can't wait to get my 1885 McClellan saddle and horse accoutrement's! Chris LaFreniere, Army Reservist and Indian Wars Living Historian Forgive me if my English isn't good. McClellan Saddle Hardware and Other Period Hardware: Please note : There is a $25 minimum order on "hardware only" orders! **New Item** 3/4" Horseshoe Buckle: Vinton, TX 79821 - Fax: 915-877-4542. The saddle came in seat sizes ranging from approximately eleven to 12 ½ inches with some rare exceptions. Nov 28, 2012 · McClellan saddles at the US Cavalry Museum Without a doubt, my favorite part of the U. Favorite Add to See similar items + Also during this time, he designed the McClellan Saddle for use by the US Army. If you would like a saber I can provide it at cost. May 30, 2007 · The McClellan saddle was simple, less expensive, lightweight, sturdy, and durable. $2195. Box 1424, Chelan WA 98816. During the rest of his year overseas he travelled widely and altered the Prussian and Hungarian cavalry saddles into the "McClellan Saddle" that was used until the army abolished its mounted arm. U. Army horse cavalry in 1859. LITTLE BIG HORN 7TH CAV The Frontiersman is designed with a modified McClellan US Military fork. The tree does not have a twist in U. 1007 McClellan Officer's Saddle Product details. Our saddle lines include custom built western and side saddles that range from the show ring to the trail, saddle restorations for your antique saddles such as the Civil War enthusiast's McClellan, and saddle repairs to keep your favorite hard working and well-ridden Ralide saddle trees and stirrups have undergone extensive tests performed by one of the country’s leading independent laboratories. Brinton. This handsome, hand sewn leather saddle is built on a covered fiberglass tree Saddle Features:Will keep the horse cool on long rides with open center area on the seat. 00 from ebay. The Mexicans created their own version of McClellan for their military service while Rhodesia used the saddle for their Grey's Scouts, a mounted infantry unit in action from 1975 to 1980. Feb 01, 2020 · The saddle patterns and styles that were offered by this firm prior to the Civil War are incredible and will most certainly stand conventional wisdom and understanding of pre-war saddle patterns, on its head! The breadth of this project is extensive including over 650 saddle photos and illustrations to enable one to identify 19th century saddles. At five years of age, McClellan entered school. MODEL 1844 RINGGOLD DRAGOON SADDLE – AN EXCELLENT SPECIMEN OF AN EXTREMELY RARE EARLY 19 TH CENTURY US ARMY SADDLE SOLD. 1-888-9-Trails: Home - Horse Tack - McClellan Saddle 0 tours are queued for brochure printing. The black finish is heavily rubbed, and the leather is cracked on the left side of the cantle. mcclellan saddle

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